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About PITC:

Parmoon Information Technology Company (PITC) is established in 2005 with two departments: ICT and Industrial Automation. PITC group utilizing modern management knowledge, tools and techniques as well as experienced managers, specialists and experts in the area of ICT, Electronics, Power and Industrial Automation  projects, has thus far taken major steps in the realization of PITC objectives.

 Activities areas:

  • Develop and support of software systems.
  • Design and implementation of telecommunication networks.
  • Consultation in ICT and electrical and electronics engineering areas.
  • Design and implementation of data centers.
  • Design, and implementation of Information security management system (ISMS).
  • Developing ICT Master Plan for government and non-government organizations.
  • Consultation, supervision and implementation of ICT projects at national and international levels.
  • Consultation, supervision and implementation of security projects at national and international levels.
  • Design, Consultation and production of industrial automation systems.
  • Design, Consultation and implementation of computer networks.
  • Design, Consultation and implementation of wireless sensor networks.
  • Design, Consultation and implementation of monitoring systems and remote control systems.
  • Design and implementation of FPGA-based Embedded Systems.
  • Design and construction of special-purpose electronic boards regarding to the industry demands.
  • Design and implementation of intelligent systems.
  • Supplying and selling industrial automation and electrical equipment.


  • Providing the high quality products and services using advanced technologies.
  • Becoming an international brand in ICT as well as Electronic Industry.
  • Consolidation of the PITC brand as one of the successful brands in the industries as well as ICT services.
  • Becoming one of the best companies in the consultation and implementation of public and private projects.
  • Communicating with other companies in ICT and Industrial Automation areas in order to develop the customer satisfaction and market expansion.
  • Implementing the national/international ICT and Industrial Automation projects with international standards.
  • Gaining the various sectors of markets for key products.
  • Expansion of the company across Iran and also abroad representations.


The general PITC Mission is to produce, implement and support products and services in ICT, Electrical and electronics engineering and industrial automation areas. So PITC plans to take advantages using a set of innovative, high quality and new products/services to give people and organizations a better life. The main items of PITC mission are as follow:

  • Working at related areas: ICT, Electrical and electronics engineering and industrial automation.
  • PITC internationalization.
  • Commercialization and export of products/services through regional and international strategic partners.
  • Creating/developing sustainable cooperation agencies to develop local and regional markets.

PITC Policies:

  • Respecting to the costumer rights.
  • Prioritizing the customer demands and implementing required procedures to realize them.
  • Emphasizing on the well-doing company commitments for customers.
  • Updating the professional knowledge through continuous R&D.
  • Continuous improvement in company systems, processes, products and services.
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of activities and products.
  • Being Honest with employees, customers and the community.
  • Being creative and innovative in products producing and services providing.
  • Utilizing the knowledge of elites, academics and experts to advance the company goals.
  • Protecting individual and legal data privacy.

PITC Strategies:

  • Focusing on key products development.
  • Providing comprehensive services (specialized and unique key products).
  • Stabilize the company brand through advertising and providing satisfactory services.
  • Forwarding the company toward the establishment of a sustainable e-business.
  • Investing more in research and education to enhance the scientific and technical knowledge and update it.
  • Partnership with large companies in order to the exchange of technologies and engineering knowledge.
  • Establishing strategic alliances with foreign companies and successful partnership with them for implementation of various projects.
  • Utilizing the internal/external professional peoples and experts.


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