Penetration Test

Penetration Test

“Penetration Test”

Today, the growing security threats such as the proliferation of viruses, Trojans and malwares, network complexity, wireless networks expansion, ease of using hacking tools, the nature of open source software and so on have been caused that companies are looking to deal with threats and doing penetration test to identify existing vulnerabilities. Penetration test prioritizes the security threats and resolves them, it reduces the financial losses and also increases the data protection.

• Using the CEH methodology for identification purposes and port scans; • Using well-known standards/methodologies for vulnerability scanning, penetration and maintenance phases; • Identifying the targets with standard methods and using the powerful tools; • Using the most powerful and the most famous tools for port and vulnerability scanning; • Identifying vulnerabilities in network infrastructure and web servers; • Providing solutions for security holes and damages; • Documentation and reporting of processes, tools, methods and results of tests; • Determining the subject of audits, objectives and scopes; • Identifying the information flows, design, review and evaluate the risk assessment procedures; • Collecting the control lists, systems and processes observation; • Analysis of sites, risks and documents; • Providing and Developing comprehensive solutions; • Continuous checking to prevent potential damages;

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