“Information Security Management System”

Consultation, design and implementation of information security management system (ISMS), based on ISO standards 27000 series, as the most comprehensive standards for securing organizations is one of the key services of the PITC group.

• Specifying the information security policy and security objectives;
• Identification and classification of information assets;
• Providing the architecture of network infrastructure;
• Analysis and development of security controls;
• Information security incident management;
• Preparing, maintaining and monitoring workflow continuity plans;
• Design and Develop the risk assessment methodology;
• Identification and classification of security risks;
• Risk assessment and risk analysis;
• Developing strategies to overcome the risks;
• Identifying the threats and security vulnerabilities;
• Penetration Test;
• Crisis management plan;
• Staff training about security guidelines and policies;
• Developing the management plan for the transition from the current state to a desired position;
• Internal auditing;
• Monitoring the effectiveness of information security management system;
• Monitoring the corrective and preventive actions;
• external auditing;
• Develop, Support and maintenance plan;

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