ICT Master Plan

ICT Master Plan

“ICT Master Plan”

PITC group provides the ICT master plan and strategic solutions due to the long-term goals of organizations and generally it reduces their negative impacts. For this reason, the mission and vision of the organization are important items. Identifying the external and internal factors including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is one of the key steps of the plan and the goal is reducing the weaknesses and threats and also utilizing the opportunities and strengths as much as possible.

The main steps of analysis and development of the strategic document are as follow:

• Where are we going? (Vision statement)
• What should we do? (Mission statement)
• How should we act? (Declaration of values)
• What should we achieve? (Major objectives)
• What do we need? (Critical Success Factors)

Strategic planning steps:

– Checking the current status;
– Determining the matches between current status and desired status;
– Determining the mismatch reasons between current status and desired status;
– Determining strategic planning methodologies;
– Determining the mission, goals and values in strategic planning;
– Developing the strategies and policies in the strategic planning process;
– Investigating the related documents for ICT development;
– Investigation of internal strategic documents;
– Investigation of foreign strategic documents;
– Identify, evaluate, and using the needed resources;
– Development of strategic objectives;
– Investigation of the inside/outside requirements of organizations;
– Ensuring  alignment of ICT goals and organizational goals;
– Improving the quality of ICT services;
– Continuous monitoring and evaluation of ICT performance indicators;
– Developing new, short-term, practical and dedicated solutions for organizations;
– Developing new, long-term, practical and dedicated solutions for organizations;


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