Data Center

Data Center

“Data Center Total Solution”

Today, data centers play an important role in organizing and concentrating ICT resources. Data center is a capacity to integrate computing equipment, information and sensitive applications in organizations. Data center infrastructure is a critical component of any organization, and it’s the source of all services provided by organizations. PITC group designs and implements data centers in the following phases:

– Study and identification of existing infrastructure and services in the organization;
– Providing a feasibility study on setting up a data center in terms of economy and manpower;
– Investigating the feasibility studies and identification of required new services;
– Detailed design and implementation of data center;
– Data center architecture;
– Data Center Management Systems;
– Data Center Security Systems;
– Designing a Resistant and standard building regarding to physical and environmental threats and also ways to deal with passive defense;
– Physical access control and monitoring systems in data centers, power plants, generators and uninterruptible power supplies;
– Cooling Systems;
– Power and data cabling;
– Racks arrangement as well as internal space arrangement of data center;
– Developing network infrastructure including switches, routers, and so on;
– Developing network management systems;
– Installation of servers and required applications;
– Implementing data storage systems;
– Installation of softwares, operating systems, databases and applications;
– Developing backups, storages and retrieval of information.
– Implementing security systems such as firewalls, IPS and IDS;
– Implementing information security systems;


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